Opening a Law Firm in Vietnam

Congratulations on deciding to start your own law firm! Starting your own law firm is an exciting and important undertaking that can and will feel overwhelming at times.

Lawyers who lead firms need to know the law that applies to them. It is particularly relevant to have a working knowledge of the Law on Lawyers of Vietnam (LLV), and the various regulations and rules made under the LLV. Other regulations may also be relevant from time to time, such as the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Lawyers 2019.

Law firms are both complex and fast-moving, requiring firm leaders to be strategic with the creation and implementation of systems. As a lawyer, it’s easy to focus all your attention on your clients. While clients are a critical part of your practice, your firm won’t run itself. You’ll need:

●  An organizational chart. This clarifies accountabilities.

●  Hiring and Staffing. Even solos need additional support. 

●  Outsourcing. What will you do in house and what will you outsource.

●  Coaching. Mentorship and accountability is vital to reaching your goals.

Read more about the Law on Lawyers of Vietnam here, and don't hesitate to leave a message to Pinklaw for any questions you may have.

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