Market Entry & Exit Advisory

In economics, barriers to exit are obstacles in the path of a firm which wants to leave a given market or industrial sector. These obstacles often cost the firm financially to leave the market and may prohibit it doing so.

If the barriers of exit are significant; a firm may be forced to continue competing in a market, as the costs of leaving may be higher than those incurred if they continue competing in the market.

Market entry provides many opportunities for new investors, but also opens the door to unknown risk. Our market entry services team is able to provide local knowledge regarding Vietnamese regulatory, financial, taxation and commercial issues to help identify opportunities and manage risk. Our dedicated experts can support you through your investment decision making process and advise you on a range of issues including:

-  Is Vietnam the right choice for you?

-  What are the potential risks arising from the local tax, legal and commercial environment?

-  What are possible market entry options for you (including investment structuring)?

-  Where in Vietnam should you invest, and what investment and tax incentives might be applicable?

-  How to invest – what are the most suitable tax, legal and operational structures for your business in Vietnam?

-  Introductions to local businesses looking for international investors, or seeking an exit through a sale transaction.

We are your advisors, not your business partners, so we're not advising you based on optimism. We've seen all the things that can go sideways, and  take pride in providing you with  clear, actionable, independent advice, based on timely, accurate Business Intelligence.

Market entry in Vietnam often requires local partnerships. We are experts in sourcing reputable, trustworthy  partners for our clients. We are often asked to help evaluate potential deals and strategies, informed by local insight.

Start a conversation with us today, and let us guide you in terms of where we can deliver the most beneficial impacts to your business with a service fee of only $50.00 - $100.00.

Position your launch for success today by applying a unique understanding of your markets with proven launch excellence strategies and connected insights.

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